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Keyword search (Google style)

Search suggestions: As you type your search term, suggested terms will appear to select from. For example:

If you start to type 'd', 'a', 'n', a box will be presented allowing a suggested term to be selected and used:

  • examples: 'dance' , 'dancing' , 'dance classes' , 'dance halls'

Refining your search

You are able to refine your search, without using the advanced search interfaces, by following the formats included below:

  • Dance Class : records containing "dance" and "class"
  • "Dance class" : records containing the phrase "Dance class"
  • Dance | class : records containing "dance" or "class"
  • Dance !class : records containing "dance" but not "class"

Advanced search

You are able to use a combination of the keyword search and the advanced search to refine you search. You can filter your results by selecting from the following options (please note you can use a combination of the filters together):

  • Postcode : you can find organisations with the closest proximity to your address. The closest organisations will appear first in the search results.
  • Organisation initial : only displays organisations beginning with that initial.
  • Organisation type : this will allow you to search for particular types of organisations.
  • Search scope : select to search for local organisations, events on the What's on calendar, or National organisations.
  • Area / Location : only displays organisations in a geographical area.



by interactive map:

You can search a map and even draw your own search area to define where you want to look!

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Bristol City Council: External link to BCC website
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